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To support an Oregon creative industry, we have to keep the professionals working in Oregon. Over several decades, OMPA has helped create the best business and creative environment for the production community to work in. 

OMPA is the industry’s advocacy organization, speaking up for you on issues that matter to your profession. We represent your interests at the city, county and state levels, informing and influencing policies that help sustain the industry. 

All of our work helps bring new opportunities to people working at all levels of production. It ensures that sustainable, living-wage careers in media production are possible in our state.


Tax incentives
OMPA has played an integral role in the creation and ongoing success of the state’s tax incentive programming including supporting locally made and regional production. Learn more >

Film Commissions
OMPA works hand in hand with many of the state’s film commissions to ensure we’re promoting Oregon and all it has to offer. Learn more >

Industry Standards and Guidelines
OMPA creates and manages the Industry Standards and Guidelines to provide predictability and consistency in the production process. Learn more >

Aimee Lynn Barneburg

Aimee Lynn Barneburg

“The only way we were able to make the budget work on our locally produced independent feature Clementine was due to the amazing iOPIF program, established by OMPA, and rOPIF rebate program.” – Aimee Lynn Barneburg, Producer

Tim Williams

“Our office has always relied on the leadership and membership of the OMPA as active partners in maintaining OMPA’s unique and important role as not only the main advocacy group for our rapidly growing industry but as a consistent source of insight and feedback on the improvements that we can be making in the work that we do. I’m grateful for their work and collaboration as, without it, we would not have such a dynamic, informed and talented workforce.” – Tim Williams, Executive Director, Oregon Film

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