OMPA is the trade association for Oregon media production professionals. When you join OMPA, you become part of a diverse community of members working together to strengthen and sustain a strong business environment for media production. Through OMPA, you can have your voice heard, connect with the broader production community, and showcase what you offer.  

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  • Appear higher in search results.
  • Receive Bi-Monthly industry newsletter
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  • No. Your company will have one listing that is searchable in up to 7 specialties. You are welcome to highlight your team’s roles and specialties as part of your company listing, however.

  • No. To list in more than one category, you need a Pro membership.

  • No. The purpose of the directory is to make it easy to find professionals to hire so you should be freely available.

    However, if your company has a membership, make sure you’re attached as a team member so that you receive the other benefits of membership.

  • No. Listings are reserved for vetted professionals working in the field. If you believe you qualify for a listing, you can upgrade to a Pro level membership. 

  • A Basic membership only includes the ability to list in one specialty. If you would like to be found in more categories/specialties, you can sign up for a Pro membership account and get vetted for the two categories you want to be in. Pro members also mean you rank higher in the search results and can add additional information such as description, credits and skills.

  • There are two ways we vet listings: contacting references directly, or reviewing your IMDB credits. When we contact your references, we just ask a few simple questions to make sure you’ve done the work satisfactorily and they’d recommend you to others. For your IMDB to suffice as your references, you must have at least 3 credits in the corresponding category spread over multiple years. 

    It is at the sole discretion of OMPA staff to approve or deny listings. We will let you know if your references don’t check out. 

  • The production industry across the country has been a major target of scams in the last few years. These tips can help you identify fake job offers: 

    Common signs include excessive typos, asking for personal information, or an email address that doesn’t match the company URL.

    The end-game of these scams is usually to get you to cash a fraudulent check. If you’re ever skeptical, you can contact the bank on the check to confirm if it’s legit.

    Here’s a helpful article that includes a long list of suspected or confirmed spammers.

    On the new website, we’re implementing spam reduction methods to better protect public contact info. We’re currently surveying members about which method they prefer – a contact form or “click to show” encryption.

  • To cancel your membership, 

    If you are having difficulties, you can always reach our office at 503-228-8822.

  • Feel free to join at the Student level. You won’t get a listing, but you’ll be directly supporting the industry and receive the other benefits of membership. 

  • Sign up at the Pro (2-4) level. 

  • Sign up at the Pro (1) level. 

  • Choosing the right membership tier is related to the amount of employees you would like to be able to access membership benefits. We have the options for Pro (2-6), Pro (7-24), and Pro (25+). The rates for these memberships can be found here. This allows us to charge an equitable rate for amount of employees at your company and give you a straightforward understanding of how many members get benefits under your company. 


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